DAVE PINTER | 2015 NYC Holiday Windows
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21 Dec 2015 NYC Holiday Windows

The warm December temps in 2015 haven’t made it feel much like winter. But it did make going out to shoot windows a bit more comfortable than years past. I’ve been doing this for almost ten years and have a route pretty much set that I follow.

This year, as usual, Bergdorf-Goodman is in a class by itself. Partnering with Swarovski led to a series of gem inspired, and encrusted visuals.

I also like the more ‘futuristic’ widows from Louis Vuitton, Melissa and littlebits. With everyone thinking about the new Star Wars film, these seemed to mesh particularly well with the tone of this holiday season.

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Best of 2015 NYC Holiday Retail Windows

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 2015 NYC Holiday Windows