DAVE PINTER | 2016 North American International Auto Show
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14 Feb 2016 North American International Auto Show

I haven’t missed the annual Detroit auto show since I started attending in the late 1990’s. This year came pretty close to not happening with icy weather cancelling my first flight but miraculously I got one of the very few standby seats left later in the evening. New Years is what most people mark as the beginning of the year, but for me it is always Detroit in January.

One of the reasons for me to attend the show is to see the automaker stands, which are generally more elaborate since it is the Motor City. This was the first year where the stands were overall disappointing because of cost cutbacks. There isn’t the over-the-top architecture and creative variety of years past, and that was sad to see. The proliferation of giant screens as stand backdrops was a formula most every OEM followed.

Smart and Genesis were the only two I found interesting in terms of stand design. Smart’s was very graphic and colorful. Hyundai kicked off the Genesis brand with glossy surfaces and layered lines.

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For a complete photo overview, follow this link to my Flickr gallery:

2016 North American International Auto Show Gallery

I’ll be doing the rounds once again at the New York Auto Show in March.