DAVE PINTER | Chase Bank- Defining an Architecture Vocabulary
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Chase Bank- Defining an Architecture Vocabulary


Chase Bank was looking for a new prototype building for future suburban branch locations. They wanted a design that would be appropriate for both business and personal banking customers. It also need to reach beyond the perceived look of a bank branch.


These two concepts were developed based off interpretations of the Chase logo, itself derived from a Chinese coin. It also has a jewel quality which was emphasized in each concept.


Sketches were produced to quickly visualize some ideas. These were refined with digital renderings that didn’t use any 3D modeling. To reduce time spent over modeling and software rendering, these were digital painted and layered with photo textures.

A true billboard for the brand, this option integrates large scale signage directly into the building skin. The identity combines with the illuminated form to act as a beacon for the consumer. The prismatic glass structure offers areas of both visibility and privacy through material changes while the building surround provides an envelop for secure operations.

Taking advantage of verticality in a typically flat landscape, this option places a strong central spine through the middle of the building. This gesture effectively links the ATM and drive-thru transaction areas, underlining the power of ‘blue’. Functional requirements are again addressed with a change in surface treatments while pedestrian friendly details like the surrounding overhang provide a welcoming appearance.