My Story
20+ years of experience developing and visualizing ideas for brand environments.
retail design,brand environments,brand architecture,interior design,architectural rendering
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My Story

I’m a concept designer specializing in developing and visualizing ideas for brand environments.


I have 20+ years of experience in a broad range of architecture, interior and merchandising projects.

I have always loved design, specifically the way it can make the imagination tangible. At a young age I was exposed to the work of Syd Mead, Joe Johnston and Robert McCall. Having visual arts supporting parents also got me started drawing and painting regularly at an early age. Knowing that there was some kind of job out there to create and visualize things and environments affected my education decisions from day one. Years later I graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art majoring in Transportation Design with sights set on working in Detroit.


The unpredictably of life intervened and I took a first job at a retail design firm not designing cars, but the buildings they were sold in. The complexity and problem solving challenges of retail design became really interesting and eventually I decided I needed to go where the real action was, NYC.


In the years since, I’ve honed skills and developed new ones. Made the switch from working analog to all digital. I’ve focused more on contributing to the pre-design and initial concept phases of projects. I’ve also been working to better integrate what I’ve learned from a now decade long accidental journalism career into my design skills arsenal.


I’m still passionate about visualizing ideas and sharing them. Experience has taught me not to fall in love with any one solution but rather enjoy the working methods that bring it to life. In the end, people are far more willing to pay for an idea they can see, understand and most importantly, relate to.