Belvedere Vodka- Popup Palace
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Belvedere Vodka- Popup Palace

Temporary party venue concept for a premium vodka maker

Hosting a series of outdoor parties in cities like Miami, New York and Los Angeles was an idea Belvedere Vodka had to promote their brand. Rather than rent someone else’s space, they desired an environment more reflective of their brand and one that wouldn’t exist for very long. Naturally that meant looking for a temporary solution that could travel and fit with the quirks of any location settled on.


With just two days to produce an idea and a set of visuals, the jumping off point was a couple of rough sketches to define the main elements and identify what might works best as a modular direction.


The Belvedere Vodka bottle incorporates an illustration of the Belweder Palace in Warsaw, on the label and that became a staring point to create a popup palace with a modern twist. A central tent structure contains the main bar and lounge area complete with a Belvedere chandelier. Surrounding the outside are a series of floor pads which can accommodate private seating, an outdoor bar or general gathering areas. These modules along with sectioned walkways can be reconfigured depending on the area available at each party.