Dr. Scholl’s- Footcare Category Reinvention
20+ years of experience developing and visualizing ideas for brand environments.
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Dr. Scholl’s- Footcare Category Reinvention

Improving the shopping experience through function and style

Dr. Scholl’s is a leader in foot care products but their representation at retail wasn’t something they were in control of. This resulted in a product presentation that was poorly organized and not visually distinctive. For customers, the shopping experience was a time consuming search exercise that led to frustration. With competing brands intermixed, Dr. Scholl’s decided to take the lead and elevate the entire category with a new retail shelf-set design.


The initial program involved mass retailers with pharmacy departments such as grocery stores, large format pharmacies and big box general merchandise chains.


With an aggressive development timeline set, a series of quick idea sketches were produced first and narrowed to represent five distinct design strategy directions. Each of these concepts were refined to reflect an accurate merchandise layout and typical category shelf size limitations. Technical components such as lighting effects and a touch screen information display also had to be considered and integrated.


Beyond these concepts, further work was done to represent real world versions specifically for Walmart, Walgreens and Meijer stores.

Following the first shelf set development project, there was a desire to see what a more premium version of the shelf set might look like. These concepts were more focused on the insole product presentation and was targeted for larger shoe stores or specialty retailers.